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Speech/Articulation Therapy - A person with an articulation disorder incorrectly articulates the distinct sounds within certain words by distorting, adding, or leaving off some of the sounds. Articulation therapy focuses on how speech sounds are produced. It is a treatment used by children or adults who have difficulty in pronouncing words clearly enough to be easily understood by others.

Receptive Language Therapy - A receptive language disorder interferes with an individual’s ability to understand spoken language. Symptoms include: Not seeming to listen when they are spoken to, lack of interest when story books are read to them, inability to understand complicated sentences, inability to follow verbal instructions, parroting words or phrases, difficulty following directions, and language skills below the expected level for their age.

Expressive Language Therapy - Expressive language disorder means an individual has difficulty with verbal and written expression of language. The individual may have problems with producing sentences, recall of words, grammar and vocabulary.

Feeding Therapy - Includes problems gathering food and getting ready to suck, chew, or swallow it. Signs of a feeding disorder include: failure to accept different textures of food, difficulty chewing, difficulty breast feeding, coughing or gagging during meals, excessive drooling and less than normal weight gain or growth.  

Tongue Thrust Therapy - A person with tongue thrust moves the tongue forward in an exaggerated way during speech and/or swallowing. The tongue may lie too far forward during rest or may protrude between the upper and lower teeth during speech and swallowing, and at rest. Constant, continued tongue pressure against the teeth interferes with normal tooth eruption and alignment of the teeth and jaw. SLPs assess and treat the effects of tongue thrust on speech, rest postures, and swallowing.

Auditory Processing Therapy - Individuals with processing difficulties have trouble paying attention to and remembering information presented orally, have problems carrying out multi-step directions given orally, have poor listening skills, need more time to process information, have low academic performance, have behavior problems, have language difficulties (e.g., they confuse syllable sequences and have problems developing vocabulary and understanding language) and have difficulty with reading, comprehension, spelling, and vocabulary.  

Fast ForWord - A scientific based and tested intensive computer therapy program designed to improve and remediate auditory processing disorder, dyslexia and memory deficits.   This program can be used conveniently in your child's home. This program license is sold through Exceptional Therapy Services and monitored daily by Jennifer Varnado.  
Exceptional Therapy Services
Mrs. Varnado provides exceptional speech, language, oral motor and feeding therapy catered specifically to each individual's needs. Services are provided in the child's home or school setting.  Exceptional Therapy Services provides a service that is innovative, high-quality and family-focused. We join efforts with parents, physicians and resources in the community to help each child reach their full developmental potential.